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A1 Manager

Complete Administration for your A1 Servers
Remote Reboot, Remote re-installs & Traffic Graphs

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Note: A1 Manager is still in BETA. Some functions may not be available for you. We're working very hard to release stable version of A1 Manager as soon as possible. You are always welcome to open a support ticket for any issues in case A1 Manager does not work for you during the BETA version.
With A1 Manager You can:
A1 Manager
  • Remote Reboot your server
  • Remote re-install your server
  • Change rDNS records
  • View Bandwidth Graphs
  • KVM Access (VPS/Premium/Managed Servers)
  • Reset Password for VPS - coming soon
A1 Manager Tutorials
A1 Manager is your one stop for a full management system to help you get the most of your entire fleet of servers. Every machine is monitored 24/7 automatically. That's not all! A1 Manager gives you access complete administration panel on all servers from our most popular locations. Reboot, re-install (change OS, partition, RAID setup), modify rDNS records, view bandwidth graphs, all from the same panel.

Overview for VPS (BETA version):
A1 Manager

Overview for Dedicated Servers (BETA version):
A1 Manager