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DDos Protection

Experience our powerful DDos Protection
Automatic Detection & Activation

DDos Protected Servers

A DDoS attack aims to render a server, service or an infrastructure unavailable by sending a multitude of simultaneous requests from multiple points across the internet. The intensity of this "crossfire" renders the service unstable, or even worse, unavailable.

All of our VPS & Dedicated Servers are protected by Powerful DDos Protection. Our datacenter has implemented 160 GBPS hardware filters from which traffic is filtered before reaching the server. Our DDos protection is activated automatically as soon an attack is detected or user can choose to have it activated 24/7. (Permanent activation is available on premium/managed servers only)

A1DedicatedServers provides a FREE mitigation solution with your server rental, enabling:

  • Analyse all packets in real time and at high speed
  • vacuum your server's incoming traffic
  • mitigate, which means repairing all illegitimate IP packets while allowing legitimate ones to pass through

  • You thus get maximum benefit from an optimum level of security.

    Standard VS Premium VS Game DDos Protection

    Standard Protection: Our Standard DDos Protection uses the same premium ddos protection. However it only activates when the server is under attack and deactivates itself when attack is over

    Premium Protection: Using the premium ddos protection mode users can choose to activate mitigation of the bad traffic 24/7.

    Game Protection: In addition to premium ddos protection it inlcudes two-way mitigation. A router located next to the machine analyses packets. This router treats every hosted game as a special case. For example, the router acts as a cache to relieve the router of useless requests. Anti-DDoS GAME therefore also plays the role of a cache and a filter for TCP/IP and UDP packets.