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Fully Managed Service

Fully managed support means that we will handle just about any issue or configuration request you may have with your cPanel server outside of custom software/script installations (ex: FFmpeg+Mplayer+MEncoder).

All of our managed dedicated servers are deployed with a software firewall designed to detect brute force attacks and many other common attack vectors. Brute force attacks are the most common attack we see. Brute force attacks usually involve several servers working together to guess user name and passwords to various services. The end result is usually the stealing of customer data, spam, and the uploading of malicious data to your application in order to infect end users. Any one of these scenarios can be a nightmare to deal with.

We also install mod Security on a managed server. Mod Security actively examines web traffic and determines if it’s an attempting to exploit your web application or legitimate traffic. While this will not stop attacks on a badly coded web applications or zero day exploits it is very helpful in preventing well known attacks.

Some examples of things covered by our fully managed support may include but are not limited to:
  • Security audits.
  • Load problems or sluggishness.
  • Network related issues.
  • Failure of server to boot.
  • Hardware failures
  • Package installations via package manager (yum,RPM).
  • DNS Configuration
  • Troubleshooting script configurations and/or website errors.
  • Task automation.
  • Firewall setup & troubleshooting.
  • E-mail configuration.
  • Software upgrades & migrations. (php, MySQL).
  • Custom Apache configurations (mod_python, mod_ruby, mod_wsgi)
  • Perl/PECL module/extension installations.
  • Backup configurations.
  • Google Apps setups.
  • And much more.

1. Fully Managed Service is available on all dedicated/VPS servers with cPanel control panel installed. Managed Service is not available on other control panels.
2. cPanel license is provided for free on Managed Dedicated Servers to activate managed service on these servers.