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Welcome to A1 Dedicated Servers Support Centre. Efficient customer support is one of our main priorities, that is why we provide a vast array of available support mediums. The below methods are listed in the order of most efficient. The top being most efficient.

Please remember to submit your requests to the appropriate e-mails, addresses, or departments. Please do not submit the same issue to multiple addresses or departments as it will slow down our efficiency to process your request.

Help Desk
  • Access to all departments 24/7
  • All levels of support issues handled
  • Available 24 Hours
  • Sales Department: Submit Ticket
  • Customer Service: Submit Ticket
Live Chat
  • Access to Sales & General Enquiries
  • Limited Customer Support
  • Limited Availability
Knowledgebase Articles
  • Many written articles and tutorials
  • Newly added articles
  • Can be accessed by anyone, anytime
  • Knowledgebase Articles
Company Blog
  • Latest Company News
  • Post Comments Publicly
  • Access information on sales, promotions, and announcements
  • Read our Blog
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Find answers to commonly asked questions
  • FAQs are updated with new questions and answers
  • Suggest new FAQs to us at sales(at)a1dedicatedservers(dot)com
  • Read FAQs
Email Addresses
  • Sales Department:
  • Support:
  • Billing Department:
  • Abuse Department: